Printing and Sewing, OrthoDocs Tool-Up- Vania N., Zaira R., Apolonia., Brenda V.

At the moment, we are into the 5th six weeks and time is going by fast. These past few weeks have made us more conscious of aspects that our group hadn't thought about, such as other anatomical parts that will be covered/ protected by the protective gear.   Now having in mind how we might... Continue Reading →

Trailer Automation ACED the Project – Annalise Irby, Chloe Coronado Winn, Erin Simons (A.C.E. Automation)

During the Make-o-Rama last Friday, the Trailer Automation team showed off our work to parents, teachers and other students. We set up three computers - one showing our compiled code on, one with our half-completed Instructable (missing only pictures), and one with the missing images constantly rotating in a slideshow. We also had our... Continue Reading →

The Time is Nigh (stormy)

Hey World, Been a while ehh? So, I bet you’ve heard from my partner the project came to a point where much like Alexis Carrington from Dynasty I wanted to slap everybody. But, unlike Alexis I did no such thing. We reached a point in our project where... let's just say we have restarted again.... Continue Reading →

The End Is Near by Dennis Vera

What once seemed like the beginning is now coming to an end. When we were assigned to create a prototype on anything we would like, our main focus was Bioethics. Since Zabdi, Carina and I were interested in Law and we wanted to do something with our pathway too. At first when we were choosing... Continue Reading →

Working in the Maker Space – Rachel Z.

The past few class periods we've been working in our school's Maker Space, which is a classroom that has been converted into a large workshop area for the students to use.  Savannah and I have spent this time fabricating the box that will house the Arduino board, battery, cords, and other sensitive equipment.  We used... Continue Reading →


These past couple of weeks for Plugged In have been a series of multiple visits to our school's own Maker's Space and the usage of many old poster boards, one exacto knife and many, may hot glue gun sticks. With our plan of action to create our prototype of our phone charging station using old... Continue Reading →

Struggle to Meet! – Erika C.

Last semester when I last I blogged, I was still part of the innovating SuperNovas. After thinking it through, we thought it would be best to put a pause on our project of the hard hat, and decided to get started on different projects. As of right now, four other girls I are working on... Continue Reading →

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