BB Enterprises Make-o-Rama Reflection (Nissa M., Dayanne A., Lourdes C., Georgia H.)

At the Make-O-Rama, our team, the BB Enterprises team presented our almost complete mural in the upstairs bathroom by Ms. Mathai’s classroom. Officially it is called the Ann Richards restroom because it has a bluebonnet field that represents Ann Richards being the first governor of Texas. Even though we did not have the chance to finish... Continue Reading →

Trailer Automation ACED the Project – Annalise Irby, Chloe Coronado Winn, Erin Simons (A.C.E. Automation)

During the Make-o-Rama last Friday, the Trailer Automation team showed off our work to parents, teachers and other students. We set up three computers - one showing our compiled code on, one with our half-completed Instructable (missing only pictures), and one with the missing images constantly rotating in a slideshow. We also had our... Continue Reading →

Comfort4U, It Has Been Real: Deanna

The Comfort4U team presented our final product, and marketing strategies to the students at the Ann Richards School, at the Make-o-Rama fair. There were all these great products produced at this event, and this was the moment we can show off the hard work that we invested into our project. People’s reactions to our Make-o-Rama... Continue Reading →

The End Is Near by Dennis Vera

What once seemed like the beginning is now coming to an end. When we were assigned to create a prototype on anything we would like, our main focus was Bioethics. Since Zabdi, Carina and I were interested in Law and we wanted to do something with our pathway too. At first when we were choosing... Continue Reading →

Oh the progress we’ve made By: LBanda

Tomorrow our major deliverable is due and I feel that it actually helped my teammate and I to organize ourselves and know exactly what we want to do next. I feel that we have been making great progress. This time around we have been more focused on prototyping and testing rather than researching. Our goal... Continue Reading →

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