Chapter 1:Begley’s Bombshell- Michelle G

At the beginning of this chapter Richard harris starts off the chapter strong saying what he thinks " Each year about a million biomedical studies are published in the scientific literature. And many of them are simply wrong." (Pg 7) When I read that one sentence I was instantly hooked on because I knew this... Continue Reading →

Research? Or Luck? -Brenda H

After reading Chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis “Jumping to Conclusions”, I learned about how the experiments scientists were testing had lots of defects such as the small things like microarray chip differences, or air temperature and humidity when a mass spectrometer is running. They discussed how this evidently causes a major effect on the results.... Continue Reading →

Backstabbing Biomed-Danna M.

  I must say that reading this chapter really opened my eyes to the effects that mistakes could have on more than just your own cause but it can also affect others. Now I wasn't entirely surprised that some Biomedical research is not entirely true and can get mixed up, but I didn't quite acknowledge that... Continue Reading →

“Truth” or “Lie”? – Miesner

You might have heard the statistic currently buzzing around the internet that "7% of Americans think Chocolate Milk comes from brown cows."  Shocking - right?  How could Americans be so scientifically illiterate? When I read this "fact" I initially feel some of the same outrage that I have seen my students reflecting in their  posts... Continue Reading →

Shocking Truths- Charlen P.

The book "Rigor Mortis" started out with, " It was one of those things that everybody knew but was too polite to say", immediately it grabbed my attention. In the first chapter I learned how blunt the author is starting with the first sentence about the common danger in truth. This book taught me that... Continue Reading →

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