Progress and the Process – Isabella A.

Following up since my last blog post, ReJoint Inc. has been hard at work regularly building new and innovative prototypes to protect ACL tears in the knee, specifically for soccer players. In addition to building prototypes, we now also have a base of what to build our product after thanks to customer interviews! For our customer... Continue Reading →

Down to the Dirty Work // Human Relief // Yadira, Leyla, Pricislla

At this moment Human Relief is continuing our work on progressing the ankle brace prototype. We all split the work up, working on different components of the brace. Priscilla is working on the splint for the brace that we are incorporating into our design. Leyla is working on the removal of safety pins due to previous trials of... Continue Reading →

Save-A-Joint Progress- Jennifer M.

Save-a-joint has been hard at work and started working on building a scale model of the elbow joint! We've been looking at endless number of diagrams and researching needs that our device needs to fulfill. Using what we've learned these past couple of weeks we're almost done building our model. Before starting our model, we... Continue Reading →

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