Team Work Makes The Dream Work – Stephanie, Paola, Jackie and Jennifer

Save-A-Joint consist of 4 members, Paola E, Jackie G, Stephanie L and Jennifer M. In our biomedical pathway we are creating an elbow pad to protect the elbow joint for fellow roller derby participants. In roller derby it’s very rare for a player to injure their elbow, but accidents do happen, if a player falls... Continue Reading →

Evolution of Hand Model – Maggie Saucedo

We are currently working on making a hand model to represent the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand. Our progress has actually been pretty great. Last class in the maker space we figured out a clever way to represent muscle with red wire. The red wire is easily moldable and foldable. We managed to wrap... Continue Reading →

Save-A-Joint Progress- Jennifer M.

Save-a-joint has been hard at work and started working on building a scale model of the elbow joint! We've been looking at endless number of diagrams and researching needs that our device needs to fulfill. Using what we've learned these past couple of weeks we're almost done building our model. Before starting our model, we... Continue Reading →

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