New Orders and More Research! :: Alana C.

This was an exciting week for the JIA Seats team. On Wednesday, December 3rd, we finally received our Graco car seat. We examined all the different features of the car seat, and as we all looked at the car seat, we each made mental notes and discussed briefly what we'd like to change or add... Continue Reading →

JIA Seats :: New Tasks! –Alana C.

This past week, JIA Seats began a new marking period. We have been given more tasks, including looking up more car seat parts and possible items to purchase using our money we received. So far, we have decided as a team that we want to get a car seat from a popular brand of choice, Graco. We... Continue Reading →

JIA Seats Third Post – Alana Calles

Within the last week, our group has been working on making a memorandum about all of the information we have gathered so far about car seats. Within the memorandum, we have used statistics, facts, our interviews, and our goals as a group for improving car seats. The memorandum included all of our initial knowledge of... Continue Reading →

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