Hey There! – Leia P.

Hi! My name is Leia P. I chose the biomed pathway because when I grow up I want to become a forensic pathologist. I was really hoping that choosing this pathway would help me get ready for when I take courses in the biomedical field in college. It would help me learn the basics so... Continue Reading →

Back to life! -Kaitlyn L.

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn L. A story by Richard Harris on NPR that I found interesting was about regulations and policies for treating sepsis because I was surprised by the fact that  the protocol for such a life threatening disease could possibly be ineffective. I am interested in finding effective cures for life threatening... Continue Reading →

An Inference of the Influence – Alex S.

Hi, I’m Alex Swearingen. I chose biomed because I’ve been interested in medical science since I was very little. I had many books on biomedical topics, some written and illustrated by David Macaulay. Although his books might be under our reading level now, I still believe David Macaulay to be an extremely talented and creative... Continue Reading →

M.D. in the Making- Janaye S.

Hi! My name is Janaye S. I chose the biomedical pathway because this pathway pertains strongly to the career I have planned and I am interested in science involving human life. I also chose this pathway because I knew I wanted to go into medicine since I was five years old. I spent a lot... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Pre-Med

Hello, my name is Ariel W. and ever since I can remember, I've wanted to save people, and I chose the Biomedical pathway at Ann Richards for that exact reason. I've always been interested in medicine and becoming a doctor, and I joined biomed with the hopes that I would able to develop the knowledge... Continue Reading →

Come Out to Meet Me-Bunmi

Hi! I'm Bunmi (Boo-mi), and I'm going to be a sophomore soon... It's a bit nerve wracking, though that's how I felt going into ninth grade and I did a pretty excellent job at not dying so I think I'll be more than just fine. I joined biomed for a lot of reasons, though to... Continue Reading →

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