When jumping watch where you’re landing -Daniela P.

In chapter six, Jumping To Conclusions, of Rigor Mortis's book I have learned that to get a successful outcome you always have to follow through the right procedures and when stumped by a certain failure you have to keep written the part that made the failure in order to find other techniques to get the... Continue Reading →

Messy Mouse Studies – Mia C.

In the fourth chapter of his book, Rigor Mortis, Richard Harris delves into the complications regarding animal testing, particularly pertaining to mice and rats. "Misled by Mice" further altered my point of view of biomedical studies by shedding light on the inaccurate results and false hope fostered by experiments that utilize animal experimentation. The imprecise conditions... Continue Reading →

The Cold Wet Truth – Morgan Gainer-Kendrick

ASL is a disease that reduces muscle mass until death. Many fundraisers toward the treatments are useless. The ice bucket challenge raised $100 million during 2014 toward this deadly disease. However, "The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerative disease is a rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than... Continue Reading →

An Expanding Industry- Audra K

  Hello, my name is Audra K and I will be in sophomore BioMed next year. When someone hears I'm in BioMed, I am generally asked what I want to do with my life. They generally end up confused when my answer is not "orthopedic surgeon" or "pediatrician", but rather "I have some ideas, but... Continue Reading →

Before You Show It -Karla Ru

Fetal development is a very specific topic with a lot of numbers for many different aspects. The basic facts of pregnancy is that it lasts about 9 months, and comes with a lot of physical changes in the mother’s body. It all starts with conception-also known as “The Birds and The Bees”- when vagina allows... Continue Reading →

False advertising?-Carolina Vazquez

Welcome to my final blog post about the book Get Me Out A History of childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein though part four to five about advances in technology. Do doctors know what’s best for us, or do we know what’s best for us? Maybe we as women... Continue Reading →

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