Let’s get a PRONTO on the PROTOtyping! (TRINH)

During these past two weeks the Guppies Group Inc. experienced an innovation block. However, it wasn't due to a lack of inspiration or motivation but it seemed like each member had a different idea on what the final invention would entail. While one person thought the device would just include an upper arm wrap with... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Game- Andrea Cazares

The SEAS team has been working diligently and productively to complete the work needed to be done before the materials come in. Waiting for the materials can be excruciating at times. However, the SEAS team uses their time wisely. We have been preparing for our final presentation. We’re excited to be presenting in front of... Continue Reading →

SEAS Patent Research- Eliza Martin

The SEAS group quickly began patent research after conducting interviews this past week as the group was eager to begin work on understanding what technology is available on the market today or what technology has been patented. In order to research and understand the technology or designs that have been designed already, we conducted prior... Continue Reading →

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