Progress and the Process – Isabella A.

Following up since my last blog post, ReJoint Inc. has been hard at work regularly¬†building new and innovative prototypes to protect ACL tears in the knee, specifically for soccer players. In addition to building prototypes, we now also have a base of what to build our product after thanks to customer interviews! For our customer... Continue Reading →

Human Relief (Leyla Z, Yadira I, and Priscilla O)

Hello, we are Human Relief, this semester we will innovate a device to help prevent injuries to the ankle. Our team consists of Yadira, who will be our team leader as well as our Monitor/Evaluator. Priscilla, who will be the shaper and lastly, Leyla will be the team worker. As a team we all agreed... Continue Reading →

Saving our Brains! – Miesner

I am so excited that we are preventing traumatic brain injury!  I hear on the radio this morning that the number of people commuting to work on their bicycles is increasing and so there are also more bike accidents that could potentially lead to brain injury.

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