ATV Savers (Anabel P. & Priscilla O. & Shana F. & Eleanor B)

All Terrain Vehicle(ATV) are four-wheeled motorized vehicles with an overall width of 48 inches or less designed to operate exclusively on off-road terrain, primarily for a single rider. They’re powered by gasoline engines and equipped with four low-pressure tires, handlebars for steering and a seat that is straddled by the rider. Today’s ATV are used... Continue Reading →

Sk8ter Life // Diamond Perez // Leyla Zamarron // Yadira Iglesias

Skateboarding is a very interactive sport among teenagers, more specifically teenage boys, and also professional athletes dedicated to skateboarding. Many of theses skateboarders don't use helmets when they involve in this recreational sport, increasing their chances of getting a head injury after an accident. Have you heard in the news of terrible skateboarding accidents that... Continue Reading →

SuperNovas – Erika Carbajal

SuperNovas are on the run and going! The team has began our journey by beginning to research and design safer hard hats (or helmets). As the week went by, we researched millions and millions of times through every possible patent available, and we found some clever ideas and designs, but we're taking it to a... Continue Reading →

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