ATV Savers (Anabel P. & Priscilla O. & Shana F. & Eleanor B)

All Terrain Vehicle(ATV) are four-wheeled motorized vehicles with an overall width of 48 inches or less designed to operate exclusively on off-road terrain, primarily for a single rider. They’re powered by gasoline engines and equipped with four low-pressure tires, handlebars for steering and a seat that is straddled by the rider. Today’s ATV are used... Continue Reading →

Rugear – Jackie, Jennifer, Paola, Stephanie

Statement of Problem: Many sports are played that can lead to brain injury or other injuries, one of these sports is Rugby. In a game of Rugby the players do not wear any equipment, they wear, sometimes, but rarely a helmet. Due to the fact they wear little to nothing they are prone to many... Continue Reading →

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