Watch out Hestia, BUMPS AHEAD!- Dayanne Acosta

Hestia during the past weeks have overcome and gotten over bumps on the road. Since our materials had not been delivered to our school yet, as a group we began to build our prototype out of the extra materials that Ms.Miesner had provided for us to use from previous design projects. Through looking at the available materials... Continue Reading →

Create & Innovate (Annalise M.)

This week we have been focusing on finishing up our final presentation of what we have accomplished so far, and finding materials and putting together our prototype. The final presentation is a power point that restates our problem, states all the key points of our prototype through engineering and biological aspects, and shows our future... Continue Reading →

All About Foam Shopping- Zabdi S.

Vertabend is now in the designing and making process of our innovated neck pillow idea. Currently, my engineering teammates are focusing on creating a 3D model of our neck pillow design. Zane and I are focusing on researching where we can get all of our materials. Our group has filled out order forms of every... Continue Reading →

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