Expectations & Disappointments By Idalis Maldonado

Now that we as a group have decided what we want our product to be it’s a matter of figuring out of how we’re going to put it together. Our group consists of three biomedical students and one engineering student (myself). I feel bad because I feel like my knowledge is limited and I’m afraid... Continue Reading →

3-D My Model – Dayanne Acosta

As we continue to move along with this project, there are a couple of things that Hestia became aware of. For example, once we looked at our design into more detail, our team came to the conclusion that some parts that we were originally going to have in our baby blanket must be looked over,... Continue Reading →

IT’S COMING!!! By Amanda Campos

Howdy readers, I’m here today to tell you about Mothers Do Matter’s progress over these past couple of days! And boy has there been some serious development. For starters we started our OSHA training. For those of you who aren’t familiar with OSHA it stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Their primary goal is... Continue Reading →

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