Approaching the Finishline by Amanda Campos

Hello! Greetings from everyone apart of Comfort4U! Here's a quick update of how my part of the team have been doing. Thus far we've completed our prototype and have begun new projects as asked from the head honchos of Comfort4U. We've been assigned with the job of creating a new google sketchup and a brochure/instructional... Continue Reading →

One Small Step for Trailerkind – Annalise Irby

This week, our new Trailer Automation team turned in our second round of deliverables, including Erin and Chloe’s fully debugged code for four of our five sensors and my finalized SketchUp layouts. For my part, I created two maps which detail the rough positions of each sensor, one floor and one ceiling view of the... Continue Reading →

Connecting the Dots by Yuvia Ruiz

Greetings! Over the past few days my team members and have seem to be struggling. We have come to realize that we have such little time to accomplish our goal. However we been trying to pick our materials for our first prototype. Although Ms.Miesner has mentioned to us that when creating our first prototype we... Continue Reading →

Intuitive Inventor? – Annalise Irby

This week, as I rediscovered the joys of dimensioning, extruding, and constraining using a 3D modelling program called AutoCAD Inventor, I encountered two main annoyances which severely handicapped my ability to work effectively. For one thing, using Inventor on a laptop computer was much harder than using a mouse and desktop. I don’t think there’s... Continue Reading →

Time To Get Prototyping! (Newton)

  Last week, Vertabend and everyone else in StarPathDesign began OHSA training. As we continue our training for certification, we've begun the prototyping process. It's amazing to think that by the end of this year, we will have a (hopefully) working model of our neck pillow innovation! To do this, our group has split along... Continue Reading →

Can We Build it Now? – Erin Simons

Last week JetSet completed the second leg of their journey towards creating a market-ready product. While the deadline for design proposals was pushed back to this coming Wednesday, JetSet used their time wisely and was ready to turn in their proposal last Thursday for five extra credit points (JetSet’s members are suckers for extra credit).... Continue Reading →

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