Guppies Group Inc: Weekly Update- Ordering materials (Angelic Almaraz)

  This week we worked on ordering our materials. There was a lot of stress put on the group because we were forced to really think and commit to the design we had. During the ordering process, we had a lot of conflicting ideas of what we thought the floatation device was going to look... Continue Reading →

Float On (TRINH)

Last week Guppies Group Inc. have been found swimming (Ha! What a knee slapper!) in piles of research for their design proposal. (Don't know what that is? Read my latest blog post here!) With an extended deadline from our generous teachers, the Guppies Group were able to work on the document a couple of days past the... Continue Reading →

Guppies Get Going! (TRINH)

After extensive research and weeks of planning, the Guppies Group Inc. members are finally going to start designing their product! This is an exciting step for the Guppies, we can't wait to dive (Ha! Punny!) into the process of actually creating our water flotation devices. However, before the tweaking and tinkering begins, the Guppies and I have... Continue Reading →

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