The Tale of the Floatie-AutoCAD Fiasco (Chloe CW)

All of the girls in matching plaid skirts have been hard at work on the presentations for this week’s final.  We will present in front of real professionals and the pressure is on.  The other three member of my group have been working on the presentation.  I have been researching the materials we need to... Continue Reading →

Let’s get a PRONTO on the PROTOtyping! (TRINH)

During these past two weeks the Guppies Group Inc. experienced an innovation block. However, it wasn't due to a lack of inspiration or motivation but it seemed like each member had a different idea on what the final invention would entail. While one person thought the device would just include an upper arm wrap with... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Predictions (Chloe CW)

This week was my first week back from visiting colleges and I had to catch up on group progress I missed last week. It was the first week I really got to work on improving our design after turning in and getting feedback on our design proposal. The product described in our proposal wasn’t detailed... Continue Reading →

Float On (TRINH)

Last week Guppies Group Inc. have been found swimming (Ha! What a knee slapper!) in piles of research for their design proposal. (Don't know what that is? Read my latest blog post here!) With an extended deadline from our generous teachers, the Guppies Group were able to work on the document a couple of days past the... Continue Reading →

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