At Last, It all Ends – Sabrina Lomeli and Monica Martinez

Hey guys!! Wow it feels like just yesterday we talked to you all about the creation of the team M&S! Even before that, this year over all has been a wild ride. We started from the group of M.O.M. and through many troubles (that you all already know about) emerged and created the group of... Continue Reading →

It’s so close we can almost taste it- Claudia V.

Greetings from the Comfort4U team and myself! It's been quite a while since I have found myself posting a blog, and it feels so good to be back. Currently, our team is on the road to the first annual Make-O-Rama, which is quickly approaching. The Make-O-Rama gives our team the opportunity to showcase our design.... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of a Decision Matrix-Espinosa

This past week Backwards In High Heels has solidified designs and drawn out concept sketches of each of our individual ideas. We were given the opportunity to come together and present, discuss and give thorough explanations of each idea of our ideal heel. These high heel shoe designs were each greatly influenced by products we... Continue Reading →

Focused Design Proposal Work Day! (Isha)

Earlier this week, JetSet finalized our design for our product! This was extremely exciting since this is what we had been working towards for the past two months! With the new product design, our team members wanted to start building right away, but that can't happen just yet. Before we begin prototyping and tweaking our... Continue Reading →

Bringing our Ideas to Life by Susette A.C.

After extensive research and a thorough discussion, Comfort4U has finally agreed on a final design and it has been brought to life! During our last class we were given a big piece of paper where we were to sketch three design proposals. After sketching three ideas that incorporated our preferred features we then proceeded to... Continue Reading →

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