Wrong Animal Model -Charlen P.

In chapter 4, Mislead By Mice I learned many important concepts when it come to treating, experimenting, testing with mice. Although they're not very accurate when it comes to see how it affect a human after being tested on a mice, scientist still continued this method. Although some scientists have expressed uncertainty and recognized the... Continue Reading →

Research? Or Luck? -Brenda H

After reading Chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis “Jumping to Conclusions”, I learned about how the experiments scientists were testing had lots of defects such as the small things like microarray chip differences, or air temperature and humidity when a mass spectrometer is running. They discussed how this evidently causes a major effect on the results.... Continue Reading →

Messy Mouse Studies – Mia C.

In the fourth chapter of his book, Rigor Mortis, Richard Harris delves into the complications regarding animal testing, particularly pertaining to mice and rats. "Misled by Mice" further altered my point of view of biomedical studies by shedding light on the inaccurate results and false hope fostered by experiments that utilize animal experimentation. The imprecise conditions... Continue Reading →

Mishaps with Mice – Lanna A

"Nobody keeps a tally of the numbers used, but often-quoted estimates put the figure in the United States alone at well over 10 million animals a year, the vast majority being mice." (pg. 74). So I've given you a number, but why is it significant. What if I told you that this was the number... Continue Reading →

Chase to Study Telomerase – Mia C.

“It’s Hard Even on the Good Days”, the second chapter of Richard Harris’ book, Rigor Mortis, continues to deeply analyze the reproducibility and legitimacy of biomedical research. Some of the content found within this chapter answered my questions regarding bias and failure about the last, which helped me to better understand the overall message of... Continue Reading →

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