Dignity to Die -Shana F. and Brenda V.

"Born with Dignity. Died with Dignity" Hello, we’re here again, Ann Richards School biomed students and we are back with another case to do. For our case, we are the affirmative side to support the act of euthanasia law among children with a terminal illness. Join our journey as sophomore biomed students Shana F. and... Continue Reading →

The Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: Should Euthanasia Be Legal For Children? – Emily G., Krysta H.

In 2014, Belgium became the first country to remove any restriction on euthanasia. People in support of this motion argue that minors with terminal illness and cases with unbearable pain should be able to have the same right as an adult and decide on whether or not they want to end their life. A survey... Continue Reading →

Ebook Medical Ethics-Zabdi S.

Our group has been very productive over the last few weeks. We have finished a substantial amount of research on the eight different topics that we selected to discuss. I’ve been currently filling up gaps on certain topics that we decided needed more information.  My teammates, Dennis and Carina have been focusing on citing our... Continue Reading →

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