Excluding the Ethical -Fatima R.

It's twisted to know that sloppy, not fully thought out labs constantly take an advantage to more precise, carefully crafted ones in the world of science. The harsh truth that the entire "A Broken Culture" chapter brought to light was one that took me by surprise. I had read about sloppy science in previous chapters,... Continue Reading →

VBAC is making a comeback -Emma W. and Enalisa B.

One of the arguments of the medical ethics today is whether or not doctors are obligated to respect women’s wishes to have a vaginal birth after a C-section. In mine and my partner’s thoughts after research, they should, there are many benefits to having a VBAC, or Vaginal Birth After C-section. For example, according to... Continue Reading →

A Fight For Rights – Haley and Priscilla

For our final grade we, Haley and Priscilla, will be arguing for vaccinations not to be mandatory. Vaccinating children has become a very controversial topic over time, as new vaccines are hitting the market and more and more states are requiring kids to be vaccinated in order for them to go to public school. Though... Continue Reading →

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