Prototyping in the Eyes of a Business Manager. – Emily G.

Since I was little, I have always striven to take the leadership positions that are offered. It started with being the line leader, and now I am the business manager for an entire company that determines our DAP grade. I have always felt the pressure that comes with leadership, from that first step out of... Continue Reading →

In need of some warm weather!! – Alexys Garza

Lately in the Austin area we have been experiencing some pretty "harsh" weather, and I don't know about any of y'all, but I don't like it! While the very cold and rainy weather is terrible just because this is Austin, it's also terrible for my project! The cold weather we have been experiencing makes it... Continue Reading →

Design Fun With Power Tools (Isha Patel)

This past week, JetSet has been finalizing the design of our prototype and attempting to build our final product. In the past month, we had ordered some materials from Amazon (wooden balls) and we finally received them this Wednesday!  It was exciting because we finally had some materials to work with and start building our... Continue Reading →

Designing! Savannah Pena

This time around we are focusing on creating a prototype. We came up with some strategies we could take in order to accomplish this task. In our group we have a variety of thinker which is a good thing in this case because if one of us forget a detail another member remembers. The project... Continue Reading →

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