Let’s get to Building! -Mariana M.

POW POW POW!!! From making prototypes to watching people figure out how our device works to finding the flaws our device contains. This couple days have been pretty interesting we have been having build work time in class to innovate our prototype. As the due date gets closer, the tension increases. In the past classes... Continue Reading →

In the Process – Stephanie

Save-A-Joint is has now entered the prototyping phase, creating a possible final idea of protection for the elbow joint. We have been considering the elbow movement, and structure as we create the prototype, and also thinking about materials we are going to use. Throughout time we have learned many new things along the way. In... Continue Reading →

Save-A-Joint Progress- Jennifer M.

Save-a-joint has been hard at work and started working on building a scale model of the elbow joint! We've been looking at endless number of diagrams and researching needs that our device needs to fulfill. Using what we've learned these past couple of weeks we're almost done building our model. Before starting our model, we... Continue Reading →

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