Final Chapter- Adeila O.

The ending of a book is the most important, it ties the story together, makes amends between characters and reveals the meaning of the book. Much like a book, my tenth grade project has many chapters found throughout this blog. We are approaching the end and, I will not lie, I am a bit excited.... Continue Reading →

It’s All Coming Together- Jennifer M.

The past couple of months have been not only tough but stressful mentally. We've been challenged as a team to not only get a deeper insight on the human anatomy but design a device that meets all of the customer needs to protect their joints and prove to be the better design. Not long from... Continue Reading →

Stressed out-Julia Mendoza

This week my team was working on a elbow joint model. My team was originally making a lot of progress until one class period, our model decides to fall apart. The direction we took in making our model was to sculpt out the shape of the hinge joint, almost recreate the bones. We used the... Continue Reading →

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