Knee Joint; Design and Customer Interviews – Krysta H.

My group is called The Knee Team, and our goal this semester is to create a joint protection device for the knee. So far my group has been satisfactory in the construction and design in our model. I think that one thing that still needs a lot of work is our communication skills. We all... Continue Reading →

I tried- Zane Trevino

 Hi, it’s Zane, the last member of Vertabend, here to provide an update. We have finished work on our memorandum, of which I had the market and value section, after a peer review session on Wednesday. The memorandum came along quite well, it had all the sections, though mine was a bit lacking, and seemed... Continue Reading →

Interviews and Research ahoy! (KYRIE)

HELLO! Dear followers! We at Neon Shields been up to some truly AWESOME stuff- and by awesome I really mean productive... We gathered nine people in three groups of three, each of them in varying situations at night: partiers, workers, and commuters (with a good sprinkling of variety among them, meaning they weren't all out for 100%... Continue Reading →

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