Food waste! The next steps with the competitive trash can (Karina M.)

As Scarlet begins to piece together our device, the purpose of this device must be addressed more further in depth. According the Environmental Protection Agency,  in 2012, Americans generate approximately 251 millions tons of trash, and 35 million of that trash is food. Even though this amount was from two years ago, it is a... Continue Reading →

So close, yet so far! – Alexys Garza

Calling all who are interested in sleeping in a car both safely and comfortably! My team, Blanket Belt Inc. has made strides in what we feel will be the next great product. These past couple of days our group has focused on our end of semester presentation, as well as our first prototype. Both of... Continue Reading →

SuperNovas – Erika Carbajal

SuperNovas finally set for an agreement! We’ve decided on the best design that fits all customer needs, and that feels and looks great!   Over the course of the past couple of times we’ve had to meet with each other, we’ve brought ideas to the table, from having a light and fluorescent strips on the... Continue Reading →

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