Why Sitting is a Pain- Daisy Horr

As the group continues venturing forth in the design aspect, we have researched tremendous amounts of information around the study of chairs and possible designs for chairs. We have seen chairs made of foam, chairs made of rope, chairs that are circle and chairs that are square. Aesthetically, these chairs have a mass appeal, especially... Continue Reading →

Creation of a New and Imporved Safety Instrument Used in Vechiles -Jada Washington

My team Create and Innovate has come up with a final design sketch for our innovation. This past week, we have been ecstatic with joy because we know that the building of our design will happen soon. On Wednesday, October the 22nd each group member came with a detailed sketch of our best concept design... Continue Reading →

Focused Design Proposal Work Day! (Isha)

Earlier this week, JetSet finalized our design for our product! This was extremely exciting since this is what we had been working towards for the past two months! With the new product design, our team members wanted to start building right away, but that can't happen just yet. Before we begin prototyping and tweaking our... Continue Reading →

Guppies Group Inc. (Angelic Almaraz)

So far this past week we have begun our design proposal. I did research on the biomedical side specifically measurements that would be need for children ages 1-6. Ms.Meisner proved a website that was perfect for what I was looking for. The CDC has height and weight for the children in the age group we... Continue Reading →

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