Prepairing for the Prototype- Gutierrez, blog post 4

This week we are starting on our actual design of our car seat!! The hard part is our budget, based on the Design Proposal, we only had $75 to spend on all of our materials. So we have been working on editing the Design Proposal so that we are able to get more materials. It... Continue Reading →

Late But Great- Jordan Reed

Hey everybody! This is Vertabend's own Jordan Reed reporting what happened the end of last last week. See, this post was supposed to be on November 3rd, but I was sick and dead to the world at that point in time, so this is happening now instead. One great piece of news (as Zane has... Continue Reading →

Turning Point by Yuvia Ruiz

Greetings, Its been a long week...We have been working on trying to get our designs approved. As we worked on our design proposal we discover things that we had not realize. We had plan on basically rebuilding a bathtub but when meeting with Ms.Miesner she pointed out that we would have to rethink and scale... Continue Reading →

Can We Build it Now? – Erin Simons

Last week JetSet completed the second leg of their journey towards creating a market-ready product. While the deadline for design proposals was pushed back to this coming Wednesday, JetSet used their time wisely and was ready to turn in their proposal last Thursday for five extra credit points (JetSet’s members are suckers for extra credit).... Continue Reading →

Time for Take-off – Annalise Irby

We have finally finished and submitted our 24 page (!) design proposal. I feel very professional but also slightly terrified, because all of our planning, research, and careful weighing of facts is over. Now our team must move directly into the prototyping phase where, judging by my past experience with engineering projects, all the hidden... Continue Reading →

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