Guppies Group Inc. Weekly Update-Design Proposal (Angelic Almaraz)

So far this week Guppies Group has worked on creating its second deliverable. Originally our Design Proposal was due on Friday the 31st, however due to outside circumstances many teams, including ours, faced the date was delayed until November 3rd, and 5th. However, there seemed to be a miscommunication with in our group because we... Continue Reading →

Creation of a New and Imporved Safety Instrument Used in Vechiles -Jada Washington

My team Create and Innovate has come up with a final design sketch for our innovation. This past week, we have been ecstatic with joy because we know that the building of our design will happen soon. On Wednesday, October the 22nd each group member came with a detailed sketch of our best concept design... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of a Decision Matrix-Espinosa

This past week Backwards In High Heels has solidified designs and drawn out concept sketches of each of our individual ideas. We were given the opportunity to come together and present, discuss and give thorough explanations of each idea of our ideal heel. These high heel shoe designs were each greatly influenced by products we... Continue Reading →

The Chosen One- LBanda

We have the chosen one! After all the weeks of research and hard team work, we finally were able to choose a design. We had to use a Decision Matrix to actually figure out which design would be best from the four that were created by the team members. My design came out to be... Continue Reading →

Bringing our Ideas to Life by Susette A.C.

After extensive research and a thorough discussion, Comfort4U has finally agreed on a final design and it has been brought to life! During our last class we were given a big piece of paper where we were to sketch three design proposals. After sketching three ideas that incorporated our preferred features we then proceeded to... Continue Reading →

SuperNovas – Erika Carbajal

SuperNovas finally set for an agreement! We’ve decided on the best design that fits all customer needs, and that feels and looks great!   Over the course of the past couple of times we’ve had to meet with each other, we’ve brought ideas to the table, from having a light and fluorescent strips on the... Continue Reading →

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