It’s Over. POW- Mariana, Julia, Eleanor, Adeila

Dear Sophomores, Welcome to the 10th grade cornerstone project! There are somethings that you should expect from this project...sweat, tears, stress and a lot of hard work. It’s no walk in the park and it’s not going to be easy. You need to take it seriously, your grade will reflect how much effort you  put... Continue Reading →

Final Chapter- Adeila O.

The ending of a book is the most important, it ties the story together, makes amends between characters and reveals the meaning of the book. Much like a book, my tenth grade project has many chapters found throughout this blog. We are approaching the end and, I will not lie, I am a bit excited.... Continue Reading →

3rd Prototype’s a Charm- Zaira R.

For the last couple of weeks the OrthoDocs have been working hard on getting our prototype to where we want it to be. We’ve had a lot of challenges and setbacks while making this prototype but I feel like we are getting closer to what we had envisioned from the beginning. Brenda and Apolonia are... Continue Reading →

POW- Mariana, Julia, Adeila,Eleanor

Hey, we are POW (Protecting Others Worldwide) and we plan to make the world a better place by preventing injuries in joints and muscles. The team members in POW are Julia the Coordinator, Eleanor the Specialist, Adeila the Implementer and Mariana the Completer. Our different views and skills will contribute to the making of this product... Continue Reading →

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