Where are we now? Project Update -Team GOAL

The past few week Team G.O.A.L has been hard at work to improve the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center's Mentorship Program by becoming more passionate on the subject and making steps to find resources for returning mothers that are dependent on the APRC and their resources. Click Here to watch our update video.


Since we started our D.A.P project a lot has happened and many decisions have been made. We, the METACHICKS were quite confused as in the direction we were heading, we didn't really know what it was that we wanted to create to help mothers  that suffer from perinatal mental health and the organization, The Pregnancy... Continue Reading →

Team Progress, Emma Pineda

This first six weeks are close to an end, and we have completed many tasks for the DAP project. We started by learning more about joints, and then choosing the joint that we will focus on the entire project and come up with an innovation to protect the joint when playing roller derby.  We also at some... Continue Reading →

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