Who “Kneeds” Knee Protection? – Krysta H. Cindy M. Keira N. Rinda G.

We are The Knee Team and we consist of the biomedical pathway students Krysta, Keira, Cindy and Rinda. Just recently we have finished our preliminary designs for our joint model. After putting in the time for anatomy research and joint modeling we began to conduct customer interviews. Because we didn’t really have access to professional... Continue Reading →

Interviews and Collaging- Daisy Horr

This week Comfort4U has been getting “artsy-fartsy,” scavenging some architectural design magazines for images that reflect the goals of our marketing team. Some main images we have cut out include several chair designs to reflect how Comfort4U aims to take the standard chair, and extend it to become much more useful and appealing to the... Continue Reading →

What the Customer Needs – Annalise Irby

This week, JetSet delved deep into the mind of our consumer, the high altitude traveller - not such a mysterious place, considering that all four of us have flown on airplanes ourselves. Of course, we can’t rely solely on personal experience from such a homogenous group (adolescent girls); so before our first memo was published,... Continue Reading →

Looking Beyond By: Lorena Banda

This whole week, our main focus was to do research about our topic. We wanted to look beyond what we were currently looking into. In order to do that, we had customer interviews. We came up with some questions as a group that we could ask potential customers or customers of masks we are trying... Continue Reading →

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