The Final Design Can Always Be Improved by Sabrina Lomeli

Now that we have submitted and have had our design proposal approved along with our final design for our final breast pump. (Original Image From Sabrina Lomeli) The picture above illustrates how our final design will look under the clothes. This design has the milk transported from the breastshields into a fanny pack which will... Continue Reading →

The Dangers of the Car – Ryanne Howard

These blog posts have already gone over the mechanics of seat belts as well as the history, however it has not yet tried to explore the perils of car travel for children…until today. The Create and Innovate Group has tried again and again to redesign and remake the seat belt into something comfortable yet safe,... Continue Reading →

What happens next? By GHernandez

Obviously we have finally finished our design proposal which for Hestia was a success when it came to deciding how we wanted our device to look. When we all brought our individual designs into class we all brought designs that we were similar to each other therefore we decided to just put all our ideas... Continue Reading →

Let’s Tool It Up!: Deanna Watson

So far in the journey of this project we picked a topic, learned about it, changed it, and now we are going to be able to physically design it! The M.O.M team is finishing up the design deliverable, and the imagining phase will transition into the tool up phase. The design deliverable is finalizing the... Continue Reading →

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