What’s in Store for Us by Amanda Campos

Mothers Do Matter is no longer. Our group has split and its for the best. Three of its members, myself, Brianna, and Gaby have stayed together and decided that we’ll help Comfort4U carry out their design. So far all we’ve done is get organized. Within our first couple of weeks back from winter break our... Continue Reading →

From CPR to the Makey-Makey By: Maria

These couple of weeks we have put our projects aside to do something important that we might need in our life in the future. After coming back from winter break they told us that we were going to get certified for CPR, something that I would always hear but not really pay attention to. I... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning- Gutierrez. I

This semester started off different than last semester. We started CPR and First Aid certification. It's great to get to learn something that will be helpful in the future. The first step was CPR, we got into groups and all watched a video and learned the steps to CPR: 1) make sure the scene is... Continue Reading →

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