Taking a Right (Brained) Turn- Daisy Horr

The Comfort4U team, consisting of Gabriela, Susette, Claudia, and myself have decided to stay together and continue progressing our chair cover design. We have added two other groups, a research team with members Deanna and Kaiyla, and a Tech Team with members Gaby, Brianna, and Amanda. The Research team will be working on researching the... Continue Reading →

CPR, Videos and New Team Members By Susette A. C.

It's a whole new ball park in Biomedical Engineering. Ah yes, new team members and a new project to tackle on. Well, not a completely new project, Comfort4U has decided to take on a different aspect of the seat cover and we've chosen to focus on the marketing aspect of it. In the first day... Continue Reading →

Finalizing- Daisy Horr

As we approach our final presentation to a group of members, the Comfort4U team has continued to have some difficulties in acquiring materials to build a proper prototype that can encompass everything we wanted in our original design concept. We wanted to create a slip on cushion cover that would give the user a better... Continue Reading →

What is still left to do? By Claudia V.

This week has been all about trying to finalize everything. Comfort4U has been really focusing on trying to complete everything that is necessarey in preparation for our final presentation that is coming up in about two weeks if not less. From working on our powerpoint presentation to making the finishing touches to the 3-D sketch... Continue Reading →

Thoughts into Reality- Daisy Horr

After successfully gathering numerous amounts of research, patents, and design ideas and executing them into our second Design Proposal, after being consulted with our Bio-medical teacher, receiving both positive and constructive comments, the team has come to the final conclusion to re-modify our original design of a full innovative chair into a more attainable attachable/detachable... Continue Reading →

The Making Process By Claudia V.

Now that we have finished with our Design Proposal, we are now entering the making stage of the ARS maker cycle. I'm sure this is the stage that we've all been waiting for as we get to finally make our product. This six weeks Comfort4U will be focusing on creating the prototype for our design.... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning- Gabriela Ramos

We began the week with an introduction to the next step in our process of creating the “ideal chair.” This six weeks Comfort4U will be focussing on building a prototype of our innovation. As we complete our OSHA training, that certifies our knowledge in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Delving into these next two... Continue Reading →

“Sitting Disease” -Gabriela Ramos

After a grueling few weeks, Comfort4U has finally turned in their product deliverable. This is an important document that explains our company’s design plan for the ideal chair. It was such a relief to have turned in the project Monday evening for a few more extra credit points. During this Tool Up process of the... Continue Reading →

Why Sitting is a Pain- Daisy Horr

As the group continues venturing forth in the design aspect, we have researched tremendous amounts of information around the study of chairs and possible designs for chairs. We have seen chairs made of foam, chairs made of rope, chairs that are circle and chairs that are square. Aesthetically, these chairs have a mass appeal, especially... Continue Reading →

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