Make-O-Rama Reflection -Kaiyla Washington

I’m very happy that the Comfort4U team was able to present our final product and all the marketing aspects , on last Friday at the Ann Richards School first Make-O-Rama fair. At the fair there were many products that were produced from students of different grade levels to be shown and produced at the event.... Continue Reading →

Comfort4U, It Has Been Real: Deanna

The Comfort4U team presented our final product, and marketing strategies to the students at the Ann Richards School, at the Make-o-Rama fair. There were all these great products produced at this event, and this was the moment we can show off the hard work that we invested into our project. People’s reactions to our Make-o-Rama... Continue Reading →

What Are We Testing?- Deanna

Now that our innovative design of a seat cushion is now ready to be tested, what are we exactly testing? We are testing the comfort level of the product. This will be measured using qualitative and quantitative computations. With the qualitative measurements being the ranking of the product by a personal feel. The test subjects... Continue Reading →

Research is my expertise!- Deanna

During this new semester of this class, a lot was changed, and our group MOM no longer exist. We was once Pangaea, but our different interests made us shift apart. I believed this was tragic, but our group of four split in half, and on to new, big and better things! Starting this semester, and... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress……. By: Susette A.C.

Surprise!Comfort4U has changed it's design! During the "Imagine" stage of The Maker Space Process, what Comfort4U had in mind of creating was a chair from scratch. All of our deliverables, brainstorming ideas and energy has been centered around how to create a chair from scratch. Little did we know our final design proposal would change... Continue Reading →

Teachings of OSHA Training – Jada Washington

Buckle Belt is now back from their Thanksgiving break and are ready to dive in to making their prototype. Myself, Jada Washington during Thanksgiving break worked on OSHA Training. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration which came from Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. During training I have learned that their overall... Continue Reading →

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