Ice Ice Baby-Danna M.

┬áIn chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis it tells about one of the most heartbreaking stories about abysmal experimental design which involves amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)."The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerated disease is rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than false hope for people essentially handed death sentence... Continue Reading →

A long process- Alicia L.

The second chapter in Richard Harris's book, "It's hard even on the good days" focuses mostly on the challenges in biomedical research, such as natural variation. I was surprised to learn that natural variation is a struggle in the biomedical world. Because of it, researchers' conclusions can only be based off of inferences. "Likewise, a... Continue Reading →

RAD Alarm Co. R.Villescaz

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry that I have been away too long. I have very EXCITING news for R.A.D. Alarm Co. We have been through the maker cycle multiple times and we are excited to show y'all the end project. Talking to our instructor about real time deadlines, we have decided to make... Continue Reading →

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