New Orders and More Research! :: Alana C.

This was an exciting week for the JIA Seats team. On Wednesday, December 3rd, we finally received our Graco car seat. We examined all the different features of the car seat, and as we all looked at the car seat, we each made mental notes and discussed briefly what we'd like to change or add... Continue Reading →

Teachings of OSHA Training – Jada Washington

Buckle Belt is now back from their Thanksgiving break and are ready to dive in to making their prototype. Myself, Jada Washington during Thanksgiving break worked on OSHA Training. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration which came from Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. During training I have learned that their overall... Continue Reading →

Ramesha C.- Prototypes

Prototypes and buying materials for our prototypes are currently what Baby Beepers are working on. As a group we decided that the engineers of the group, Desiree, Rosa, and Carina were going to be designing an alarm on Autocat for the car seat and whichever one we like best and more reasonable will be used.... Continue Reading →

Quick Check- In Stormy

Hi World, So as you can see by my our previous post we are working on our deliverable, which just so happens to be due today. So instead of talking about it more than Ramesha did previously, I plan on doing a quick check-in, and remind our lovely readers, and possible future customers what we... Continue Reading →

Poppin’ Tags (Stormy)

So... I lied a bit we weren't popping tags. We were just looking at previously made car seats to give us ideas, on what ours should be like. So, we were really, dare I say it, window shopping for ideas (i.e. brainstorming). While we were out we were able to discuss the few main points... Continue Reading →

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