New Orders and More Research! :: Alana C.

This was an exciting week for the JIA Seats team. On Wednesday, December 3rd, we finally received our Graco car seat. We examined all the different features of the car seat, and as we all looked at the car seat, we each made mental notes and discussed briefly what we'd like to change or add... Continue Reading →

Baby Beeper 3-D Modeling~Carina Carrasco

Recently the engineering team of Baby Beeper has been working on creating a 3-D model(using autodesk inventor) of what we want the outcome of the product to be like. I have worked on the outer shell of what the car seat is generally going to look like(granted it still needs some refining and tweaking). This... Continue Reading →

Desiree Blog #3

As we get further and further into our 3D Modeling stage our teams have separated into two groups. The engineering people and the biomedical people, those of us who have engineering experience are in charge of making 3D Models of our prototype on AutoCAD. Those with biomedical experience are in charge of ordering the things... Continue Reading →

Progressing-Carina Carrasco

After having finished the deliverable Baby Beeper is finally ready to move forward and really finalize the sketch that is shown below. The prototype stage is gonna prove itself to be one of the most difficult step in the process because of the refinement that is going to need to be done in order for... Continue Reading →

Baby Beepers Deliverable-R.Carter

Now as a group Baby Beepers are working on our deliverable on our idea as a whole. This deliverable gives a more indepth knowledge of what we are trying to capture as a whole idea and how it could be useful for future clients. However, before working on our deliverable and while working on it... Continue Reading →

Design-Carina Carrasco

Measurements from this design can be incorporated into the final final design of the car seat. Picture from here! The past couple of days Baby Beeper has been working on deciding upon a design that incorporates all of the parents' needs and is safe for the child. In creating an Interpreted Needs List the team... Continue Reading →

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