Germ of a Research Initiative – Leslie O.

Hello, I am back, and this will finally be my last blog post, I am relief but a little sad. The Challenge of Precision Medicine had me thinking a lot, specially because I am a very organized person and want things to be all the same and have the same instructions. As I was reading... Continue Reading →

Decoding the Mystery of HER2 – Positive Testing ~ Taelor A.

Throughout Rigor Mortis the author has mention many medications, treatments test, experiments and more, and in chapter nine Richard Hariss does just that. " One wake-up call came from the lab of David Hicks at the University of Rochester. Starting in 2006, he was trying t unravel a serious medical mystery."  That medical mystery went by the name... Continue Reading →

The Truth Behind HeLa ~Taelor A.

Before reading chapter five of Rigor Mortis I can honestly say I had no idea what a cell line was. But after reading chapter five and doing some research I know that a cell line is a cell culture made from a single cell. Many scientists use cell lines to help their research for cancer but... Continue Reading →

It’s hard even on the good days (ch.2)-Jenaya P.

British philosopher Francis Bacon formalized the scientific method: "make a hypothesis, devise a test, gather data, analyze and rethink, and ultimately draw a broader conclusion.(pg.30-31)" Which we all use now when creating any experiment. Whatever it may be either at school or work. But in the book, scientists discovered how cancer is sort of formed... Continue Reading →

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