Let’s get to Building! -Mariana M.

POW POW POW!!! From making prototypes to watching people figure out how our device works to finding the flaws our device contains. This couple days have been pretty interesting we have been having build work time in class to innovate our prototype. As the due date gets closer, the tension increases. In the past classes... Continue Reading →

Makerspace! Building continues! By Karina M.

This week, Scarlet was in the makerspace working on our mock prototype, coding, and app. For coding, I am the one that is heading this task, and I have been looking up programs that allow code to be read and transferred to the Galileo board. A Galileo board is a microcontroller that has 32-bit Intel... Continue Reading →

Design Proposal Challenge Savannah Pena

Our next step as a group, was to really understand our own individual tasks by researching our previous research. This was difficult because the group itself hasn't done an extensive project like this one before. To further our research was a strange concept, but we did our best. ¬†Each part of the design proposal was... Continue Reading →

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