Switching Roles by Dennis Vera

Never did I imagine myself being the one who would take things apart besides dissecting animals and doing research. As part of the Bio medical Pathway, we never dealt much with the mechanical stuff. Although this week we switched roles. Brianna and Amanda were designing the prototype, while Gabriela and I deconstructed a music box... Continue Reading →

Engineering And Biomedical Uniting: Deanna Watson

Before the create and innovate phase, M.O.M has been in the process of ordering the supplies for the breast pump and also using AutoCad Inventor to produce a 3D model of the design layout. Since this phase in the project is about the engineering and biomedical students coming together, there is areas that students from... Continue Reading →

Our Wish List by Dennis Vera

Howdy partners! It is getting closer to Christmas break and it seems like a good time to start our wish list for our team! Through much planning in Mothers Do Matter, we finally came up with the materials that we will need to make the breast milk pump. Although, we did realize through the process that... Continue Reading →

Types of Breast Pumps

I am Kaiyla Washington the project specialist  that will be the main designer and builder of our prototypes.The characteristics that I personally think I would bring into this project in just an open minded view. In order to get a perspective of the needs of a mom, research was done regarding usually asked questions when... Continue Reading →

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