Operation “Pregnancy Resource Closet”-Claudia L.

Before we started brainstorming ideas for this project, we thought we would have to use the brains of engineers to build something to improve the organization of the materials at APRC. Volunteers at APRC are struggling to find items in their closets which requires to know what items they have and where they are located.... Continue Reading →

Sick Baby or Real Baby? -Pattie A.

  As I was reading the introduction and part one from Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I realized how blessed yet wicked this generation truly is. Today, we see ourselves as the all mighty when it comes to viewing the medical field, which is true seeing the progress and changes that have happened... Continue Reading →

Nice and Cozy- Eleanor B.

This week in biomed my team and I focused on the construction and development of our product prototype. We discussed customer needs and materials to use, as well as how we are going to make the prototype. The material we are using is similar to that of a "Dri-FIT" material. We chose this because it... Continue Reading →

Team Progress, Emma Pineda

This first six weeks are close to an end, and we have completed many tasks for the DAP project. We started by learning more about joints, and then choosing the joint that we will focus on the entire project and come up with an innovation to protect the joint when playing roller derby.  We also at some... Continue Reading →

Almost Done! By: Maria

Working with the makey-makey has been an awesome experience where we have learned something new everyday, but creating a device to help kids with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis has been harder than we thought. This past weeks we have been working on creating the perfect and working prototype. First we worked on creating a type of... Continue Reading →

Butter it Up by Yuvia Ruiz

Greetings! After organizing and planning our ideas the Smoothie Blender's have once again changed our minds. We no longer hold the name of The Smoothie Cycle but we are now officially called the Butter Babe's. Its been quite a struggle trying to come up with an efficient way to blend smoothies. We have not received... Continue Reading →

Struggle to Meet! – Erika C.

Last semester when I last I blogged, I was still part of the innovating SuperNovas. After thinking it through, we thought it would be best to put a pause on our project of the hard hat, and decided to get started on different projects. As of right now, four other girls I are working on... Continue Reading →

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