Nine Long Months – Ashwara P.

What happens between conception and birth? This is probably the first thing that passes through a women head when she sees the plus sign on her pregnancy stick. First, there is going to be nine long months that she will be experiencing. It will be filled with discomfort, nausea, and pain, but in the end,... Continue Reading →

Should Women be Allowed to Elect to have C- Sections? -Karla.Ru & Litzy. S

Our debate topic has sparked much controversy between women all over the world. Women being allowed to have the choice to have a C-section seems to be one of the many topics that has people questioning their wants versus their needs. Litzy and I are going to be introducing our point of view and opinion... Continue Reading →

Take Care of Yourself -Claudia L.

“Are the unassisted birthing women today any different? (185).” Throughout section 4 of, Get Me Out, the idea of free birthing was mentioned quite a bit. I thought it was rare for women to give birth at home since all the new technology was created. I thought these inventions would make people feel safer about... Continue Reading →

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