Reasons why – Serena A.

Hi my name is Serena. I am here to tell you that there are more than just two simples reasons as to why I chose biomed as my pathway to stick with all throughout my high school career. First off, biomed is by far one of my favorite classes. When I first walked into the... Continue Reading →

Changing The Future- Charlen P.

Hello! My name is Charlen P. I chose the biomed pathway because I am interested going into the medical field from college. Not sure which career to take yet but I was thinking maybe as a nurse. I also think that going into biomed is an opportunity to find discover what I could take when I... Continue Reading →

An Inference of the Influence – Alex S.

Hi, I’m Alex Swearingen. I chose biomed because I’ve been interested in medical science since I was very little. I had many books on biomedical topics, some written and illustrated by David Macaulay. Although his books might be under our reading level now, I still believe David Macaulay to be an extremely talented and creative... Continue Reading →

Corrupt research-Sandra M

Hi my name is Sandra M. I hope to learn about medicinal research and how corruption has played a roll in final data. Im also intrigued to find out how bad incorrect data has been able to make its way out. Im also interested in how they test products on poor innocent animals. Although I... Continue Reading →

Dexterous Scientist – Dignity B.

My name is Dignity B. I choose the biomedical pathway because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to help. I started off by wanting to be a veterinarian because I loved helping animals and there was a connection. When I was about eight I questioned what type of animal I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Pre-Med

Hello, my name is Ariel W. and ever since I can remember, I've wanted to save people, and I chose the Biomedical pathway at Ann Richards for that exact reason. I've always been interested in medicine and becoming a doctor, and I joined biomed with the hopes that I would able to develop the knowledge... Continue Reading →

The Brainy Bunch takes Yoga!- Ashwara P.

Hello. My name is Ashwara and I am currently working on my cornerstone project with Austin Prenatal Yoga. My partner, Karla and I are creating methods and props for pregnant women to use while doing yoga. When Karla and I were researching ideas for props, we came across 11 different ideas. Of course, we narrowed... Continue Reading →

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