The consequences behind Biomedical Research – Jacqueline A.

After only reading the preface and first chapter of Rigor Mortis By Richards Harris, I was surprised by all the lies that hide behind scientists’ research. The biomedical research world isn't as perfect and correct as many people thought it was. “It also turns out that that scientists have been taking shortcuts around methods they... Continue Reading →

News Flash : The Money You Have Been Donating Isn’t Going Where You Think It Is – Audra K.

Chapter 1 of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris brings into light and discusses how the medical industry has faulty research methods which lead to skewed data and results, as well as millions, or even billions, of dollars wasted on studies and research that do not have the scientific backing that they should. Contrary to what... Continue Reading →

Rigor Around the Rosie-Danna M.

"Simply too much of what's published is wrong."(1 pg.) This is what the author of Rigor Mortis, Richard Harris stated in his Introduction. It took me by surprise from the very beginning. One would think that mostly all of the products of Biomedical sciences and science in general would hold true, but that is not the... Continue Reading →

Something Different~ Carina. C

For this semester I have decided to steer away from the original project and do something different. I decided to join Dennis and Zabdi to go about this project in a different way. As a group it was decided that we would use the research we found and incorporate it into a game that people... Continue Reading →

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