Sharing is caring, except I don’t care -Leia P.

Chapter 7 went over a few things consisting of genome research, ALS, results from experiments not being able to be reproduced, and how many scientists believe that their very valuable research should not be shared with others. Even though they could potentially lead to a cure. "Simply increasing transparency could go a long way toward... Continue Reading →

Intro to my interests- Michelle G

Hi! My name is Michelle G, I chose the biomedical pathway because the medicine and science field has aways captured my attention. There is never ending adventure you can find out one thing but then it leads you to another and you end up discovering something mind blowing and it feels like a chain, you... Continue Reading →

Bad Habits-Yirha.N 

  After reading chapter 6: Jumping To Conclusions, I'm nothing but shocked. I known that there's LOTS of problems going around the world, one big problem is a bad habit that I think we all have which is jumping to conclusions! We all tend to find the easy way out or shall we say “cutting... Continue Reading →

Research? Or Luck? -Brenda H

After reading Chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis “Jumping to Conclusions”, I learned about how the experiments scientists were testing had lots of defects such as the small things like microarray chip differences, or air temperature and humidity when a mass spectrometer is running. They discussed how this evidently causes a major effect on the results.... Continue Reading →

Mishaps with Mice – Lanna A

"Nobody keeps a tally of the numbers used, but often-quoted estimates put the figure in the United States alone at well over 10 million animals a year, the vast majority being mice." (pg. 74). So I've given you a number, but why is it significant. What if I told you that this was the number... Continue Reading →

Project Prologue – Mia C.

Hello! My name is Mia. I am excited to return to Biomed next year because I had such a great experience my freshman year. I chose the Biomed pathway because I have always had interest in becoming a doctor. I am fascinated by biology and how the human body works, and I want to do... Continue Reading →

New Generation-Yirha N

Hi my name is Yirha N next year I'm going to be a sophomore, I'm so excited for next year biomed! I chose biomed as my pathway because I wanted to learn more about the human body and how it works. I'm really not into Science or medicine but I wanted to try something new,... Continue Reading →

An Inference of the Influence – Alex S.

Hi, I’m Alex Swearingen. I chose biomed because I’ve been interested in medical science since I was very little. I had many books on biomedical topics, some written and illustrated by David Macaulay. Although his books might be under our reading level now, I still believe David Macaulay to be an extremely talented and creative... Continue Reading →

Learning Something new!

Hi my name is Brenda H: Next year, I hope to learn more about the human body systems and how our body functions. I find this very interesting because I want to be able to know how my body works. I chose the biomedical science pathway because I think it is the most interesting. I... Continue Reading →

Being the change -Jacqueline A.

Hello! My name is Jacqueline A. I chose the biomedical pathway because I have always been interested in science. All the experiments we did in elementary school were always very interesting and exciting to me and that's when I knew that when I grew up I wanted a job that was related to science. There... Continue Reading →

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