Pros At Prototyping – Espinosa

As the 2015 year comes to a close, Backwards In High Heels company continues to work towards our mission. There is no such thing as over recapping on a mission statement, so we’d like to remind ourselves and customers what we are striving for. The Backwards in High Heels company was created in order to... Continue Reading →

Setting Foot In New Problems – Amelia Fisher

After a recent meeting with our team, Backwards in High Heels, and our teacher/mentor Ms. Miesner, we came to the sudden realization that our product design so far (a high heeled shoe insole as seen below) was no different from many of the other insoles currently out on the market. We'd originally tried to make... Continue Reading →

Easily Suede -Sophie Penniman

For this blog post, I thought I'd highlight a little part of our prototyping process. One of my responsibilities these past couple of weeks was (among other things) to order the material that would cover the surface of our insert. Our group wanted something like leather; a material that would be durable, comfortable, and supportive. We started... Continue Reading →

OSHA Fo’ Sho-sha (Sophie Penniman)

Cheesy wordplay aside, this is serious. We're taking a little break from our designs to focus on OSHA certification, which comes in the form of a 10-hour online course that we'll work on intermittently throughout the next few weeks. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a government agency which was created in... Continue Reading →

The Wonders of a Decision Matrix-Espinosa

This past week Backwards In High Heels has solidified designs and drawn out concept sketches of each of our individual ideas. We were given the opportunity to come together and present, discuss and give thorough explanations of each idea of our ideal heel. These high heel shoe designs were each greatly influenced by products we... Continue Reading →

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