Modeling by Libertad E.

If we thought 3D modeling all the individual pieces was hard assembling them on Autodesk Inventor and in real life is another challenge in the Maker Cycle journey. While Jessica and I were making the individual pieces together I was worried that when it came to assemble them together in Inventor that they would not... Continue Reading →

Review, Rethink and Revise- Erin Simons

Since my last blog post JetSet’s design has undergone some major changes. During the past few classes we’ve met as a team and reviewed our design, discussing how we could improve it. We thought about accurate sizes for the pedals as well as the entire device, the maximum angle the pedal should be in at... Continue Reading →

Designing! Savannah Pena

This time around we are focusing on creating a prototype. We came up with some strategies we could take in order to accomplish this task. In our group we have a variety of thinker which is a good thing in this case because if one of us forget a detail another member remembers. The project... Continue Reading →

Inventing with Inventor- Erin Simons

JetSet has now entered the third major phase of the design process: making. Until the end of the semester we will be ordering materials, modeling our device with 3D modeling software, and building our first prototype (no, not drawing, BUILDING). It’s pretty exciting! I’m especially enthusiastic about this stage of the design process because I... Continue Reading →

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