Who Wants a Library? (Karrie N.)

Hi! It's Karrie from formerly Vertabend. As my teammate Jordan put it in her fabulous pun, we've switched spines. Get it? From spinal cords to the spines of books? (I'm not going to be over this one for a long time, so just bear with me). So our Vertabend team has dismantled slightly--now it's just... Continue Reading →

The Adventures of AutoCAD (and other things)-HA

For the past month and half the newly created Plugged In group have been working on their portable phone charging station designed for students to use during school. I, Trinh, and my fellow peer, Toni are no longer a part of Guppies Group Inc. We have decided to break away from that project because we... Continue Reading →

Prototyping – Rachel Zinsmeyer

Hey everyone!  One more blog post from Scarlet this week.  We've spent the past several classes working on modeling and creating our official prototype.  After Savannah and I figured out precisely what dimensions we were working with by sketching out several different views of our design, we started working in AutoCAD Inventor and familiarizing ourselves... Continue Reading →

Prototyping Predictions (Chloe CW)

This week was my first week back from visiting colleges and I had to catch up on group progress I missed last week. It was the first week I really got to work on improving our design after turning in and getting feedback on our design proposal. The product described in our proposal wasn’t detailed... Continue Reading →

Intuitive Inventor? – Annalise Irby

This week, as I rediscovered the joys of dimensioning, extruding, and constraining using a 3D modelling program called AutoCAD Inventor, I encountered two main annoyances which severely handicapped my ability to work effectively. For one thing, using Inventor on a laptop computer was much harder than using a mouse and desktop. I don’t think there’s... Continue Reading →

Determination is key!- SEAS -Stephanie

Today in class was a workday and as of last class our materials have already been ordered. Currently the biomed members have started the final presentation slideshow, and the engineering members have still been working on our 3D model. Sofia has been working on google sketch up, and I have been working on auto CAD.... Continue Reading →

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